Stud Removal - Why Use the StudPuller?

  • #1 industrial stud remover tool
  • Works using simple principles of physics
  • Forces the release of the mechanical bind between the threads and the housing
  • Allows for stud removal in seconds versus minutes or hours
  • Huge savings in man-hours and cost
  • Stud extraction process does not damage threads in most cases
  • Eliminates side loading and side torsion
  • Uses pneumatic energy for bolt extraction
  • Immediately identifies studs that cannot be removed through rotation
  • Black Belt analysis proves an increase in Safety and Productivity

Stud Removal - How the StudPuller Works

  • StudPuller, attached to an air impact wrench, fits over the stud like a socket
  • Jaws ride on the cams until they close and lock, forcing rotation of the stud
  • Center driven tool transfers 99% of energy to the stud
  • Torque and harmonics from wrench break the static hold on the stud
  • Studs are removed in seconds with no heat build up in the threaded housing
  • Removal leaves little to no damage to the threaded portion of the stud